Djen the Metal AI generator

Do you know Djent? Just the pronunciation of the word shows you how choppy it is…

The metal musical style is still hybrid today and new sub-genres are emerging. To mention only a few references of the genre, we find this energy in Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, Monuments or Vildhjarta.

I found you a funny device that generates… DJENT. Yes, it’s true and works very well. You define your BPM, your ternary/ binary/ 7/4, the number of measurements to generate. Once the algorithm has generated some loops, you can export them to audio or MIDI. And this is convenient. All you have to do is define your best drum rack and perform your generative MIDI rhythm <3

Little glitch : you can change the algorithm generator, our best is Thall and you ?

Check out Djen right here