Dank Effect (FR)

Hardcore Metal / Electronic Music

Dank Effect

Dank Effect (FR), a brutal crossover between Hardcore Metal and Electronic Music. 

Since 2022, the project has been developing with the desire to innovate in the Hardcore subgenre by combining electronic music textures and beatdown slowdowns. Syncopated rhythms follow one another in a dark atmosphere. Live, alone on stage, it is a discharge of power at the voice, crushed by electronic effects launched with machines. The first [DEMO] brings together 3 aggressive tracks. It was the beginning of the Nu HxC. Next step is In The Middle [EP] out 29th May 2023. A 6 tracks EP to smash the ground and lead you to nod your head. A rework of [DEMO]’s tracks to turned them into a 2.0 version. Add 3 exclusive pieces inspired by the world of DOOM video games.

Dank Effect (FR) is for you if you like Alpha Wolf, Dealer, Ten56, The Algorithm, King Yosef, Vein.fm, etc.

[In The Middle]
EP · 2023

EP · 2022